Amy’s Story

We were first called to add to our family through adoption in 2007.  We welcomed our son, born in Guatemala, into our family in 2008.  In 2010 we began taking short term mission trips to Guatemala and fell in love with Central America.  After our first mission trip we knew God was calling our family to adopt again, but we were not ready.  We prayed for three years for guidance, clarity, and tried to live obediently.  In June of 2013 we surrendered to God’s call and said we would do anything he asked in regards to orphan care.  Our anything came in the form of moving to Nicaragua to adopt two sisters in February of 2014.  We arrived home as a family of six in May of 2014.

About Our Girls

Our children were brought into orphan care due to years of neglect and abuse by their mother.  They were removed multiple times from their mother’s care and resided in orphanages and then back into the care of other family members. Ultimately, due to extreme poverty, there was no family that could care for them and they were declared abandoned.  Our girls raised themselves for the first years of their lives. This was evident in their personalities the first few months they were with us. We are still in the midst of transition and healing of the trauma they have endured.  Each day we see more of their hearts and the beauty that lies within.  It has been a blessing watching them blossom and to learn what it means to have a family that loves them unconditionally.

Our Fostering Process

Living abroad for the fostering period was the most difficult situation I have ever been in.  I was away from my family and living each day with uncertainty of my return.  As a social worker and foster parent, I felt prepared for fostering two children with trauma.  What I was not prepared for was the emotional and physical toll it would take on me and my family as we did this in a foreign country.  I cannot imagine going through the experience without the support of this ministry.  They were there from the beginning to help our family transition into living in Nicaragua.  They were there in the middle, offering emotional support when there was no end of the process in sight.  They were also there at the end when we needed a place to stay to finish out our time in country and help teach our girls about family.  The support they offered was invaluable and a true blessing in our lives.

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