The Miller Family

In 2008, we took our four children on a short term missions trip with another family from our church. We served at a re-nutrition center/orphanage called New Life Nicaragua. There we fell in love with a little girl, but she had not been declared abandoned so she was not adoptable at the time.

Three years later, the directors of the center came to the states to visit. We watched a video explaining their ministry with our church. As my husband closed out the service, he said “My little girl was in that video! I pray for her everyday when I pray for my own children.” After the service ended, the directors came to us and told us that she had been declared abandoned and that the social workers wanted to institutionalize her because of her special needs.

Out of obedience to the Lord, we began the LONG paperwork process. In April of 2013, my daughter and I left our boys and headed to Nicaragua for the fostering part of the process. I can say with confidence that my time spent in Nicaragua was the most difficult time of my life thus far.

The girls on gotcha day

The Willard’s came alongside of me and my daughters and supported us so beautifully! Some days we needed water. Other days it was groceries or a ride to church. Whatever the need, Wendy and Wyeth were quick to make sure it was met. About six months after our adoption was finalized, my adopted daughter and I had to return to Nicaragua to tie up a few loose ends due to fingerprints expiring.

I was so anxious about returning, but Wendy and Wyeth quickly got a room ready for us and said that we could stay with them. This was such a relief and ministry to us. Wendy connected me with drivers, helped me to make all of our appointments and even fed us. My family and I are so thankful that God put the Willard’s in our life at such a vulnerable, needy time. They served the Lord and us with joyful hearts and we will forever be grateful!

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