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We want to get the church talking about this idea of adoption care. There are thousands of U.S. families trying to navigate the first few months of adoption abroad, feeling like they are completely cut off from all physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Should they really be left to do that alone?

Or couldn’t we put native English-speaking, Bible-believing, compassionate adoption care workers into each of these countries, to walk with the families throughout that crucial bonding time?

We’ve created a (free) 4-week small group study to help explore why we believe adoption care is absolutely critical to the long-term sustainability of these adopting families, as well as to explore how the Church can spearhead this adoption care movement worldwide.

Use the introductory video above to help gather your small group. (Or ask us for a higher-resolution version to show in your church.) Then, complete the form below to receive access to the remaining four videos and the accompanying discussion guides.

  • Will you watch these videos with a small group? If so, please mention the name of your church or organization.

(A few quick notes: These videos were recorded by a volunteer, for the sole purpose of helping to spread the word about this great need. We’re not polished speakers. We’re just real people who sometimes avoid the camera and forget our notes and make funny repeated hand motions. But we love God and hope you’ll see past these distractions to dig deep into this adoption care conversation with us.)

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