The Martinez Family

Carlos and Sharla Martinez have been married since 2001 and have four children. They met in Nicaragua in 1999 while Sharla was a single missionary teacher at Nicaragua Christian Academy.

Martinez Family in Nicaragua

She had grown to love this beautiful country and it’s people and was hoping to return as a long-term missionary after finishing seminary. God sent her a perfect companion for ministry in Carlos, a Nicaraguan musician with a growing faith and desire to serve God. After spending 11 years in the USA (which they said was way too long), God finally brought them back to Nicaragua in 2012.

They are leaders in their local church and Carlos has founded his own music academy where he teaches private lessons. What began as offering adoptive families transportation and translation services, grew into a desire to fellowship with these dear families and care for them while they live in Managua.  As of December 2014, the Martinez family’s primary role in Nicaragua is to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual support to adopting families. They are excited to fellowship these families and ease their transitions as they welcome new children into their lives.

> Support Carlos & Sharla’s work with adopting families in Nicaragua. They are currently only supported at 2/3 of the goal, and need your help to be fully funded each month. Please consider how you can help; every little bit makes a difference! UPDATE: The family has increased medical expenses due to Sharla’s breast cancer relapse. We appreciate your prayerful and financial support during this trial.

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