The Willard Family

Wyeth and Wendy Willard first met at Wyeth’s family’s summer camp in Maine. They initially bonded over a shared desire to hear “You’ve got mail!” at least daily, even when the masses hadn’t quite caught on to the benefits of electronic communication. After working together as camp counselors for a summer, they continued their relationship long-distance (with the help of America Online, of course) until getting married the following year, in 1996.

They have since taken turns living near each set of parents (in Maine and then in Maryland), while raising two daughters. During their seven years in Maryland, they also parented 17 foster children and led short-term family trips to Wyeth’s dad’s mission project in Nicaragua.

The Willards

Eventually, God prompted them to spend more time in Nicaragua, which led to the Willards moving to Nicaragua in July of 2012. God has gifted Wyeth and Wendy will skills they can use just about anywhere to earn money, provided they have a decent Internet connection. Wyeth is a systems engineer for health care solutions, while Wendy is a graphic designer and writer.

The Willards bring their foster-parenting experience and just under three years of living with adopting families in Nicaragua together to serve internationally adopting families. In January 2015, they relocated to Greenville, South Carolina to find Stateside partners for the ministry, as well as to consider growing it beyond Nicaragua.

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