FIT (Families in Transition) was founded in 2013 by Wyeth and Wendy Willard (read more about the history). The purpose and mission of FIT Nicaragua is to see orphans fit into forever families. We serve any family deemed orphan-ready by Nicaragua’s Ministry of Family (Mi Familia), in three key areas:

We accomplish this mission by offering:

  • pre-adoption education and support
  • in-country adoption assistance with housing, translating, transportation
  • in-country community and networking
  • advocacy, education, and consulting for U.S.-based adoption agencies
  • post-adoption encouragement

We offer all of this at no cost to adopting families. After all, if a family is willing to care for an orphan for a lifetime, should the rest of us do whatever we can to help them along the way? We need your help to continue this work.


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