Adoption Shower

Adoption Shower

We’ve all heard of baby showers, right? Well, we think adopting families should absolutely be showered with blessings before, during, and after the adoption process. Oftentimes, family and friends want to help but just don’t now how. We’ve compiled some suggestions to help you bless the adopting family in your life. (If you’re adopting, feel free to share this page with your friends and family!)

  • Build a scrapbook to introduce the extended family and friends to the child, including photos of friends, family, the home, neighborhood, school, church.
  • Purchase gift cards or other make arrangements to help with transportation, laundry, cooking, and cleaning in the weeks following the adoption.
  • Create special activities for other children already in the family (such as a trip to the movies or lunch).
  • Offer to help older adopted children with homework weekly, to give the parents a break.
  • Help prepare/decorate the bedroom for the new family member.
  • Recognize that the process is challenging, refrain from passing judgement, and offer limitless loving grace as they seek to bond with one another.

The last five suggestions are especially for adopting families who must foster abroad for several weeks/months:

  • Have photos of the adopted child framed and hung in the home prior to the family’s arrival.
  • Write encouraging letters for the adopting mom/dad to open each week she/he is away from the rest of her family (if you come with 50 letters from friends/family, you can just open one every few days…).
  • Organize meals for the family after they return (every other day for 2-4 weeks) and any “left behind” family while others are abroad.
  • Visit the adopting family abroad. (This is particularly helpful in countries where families must stay for 3+ months to adopt.)
  • Put together “coming home backpacks” for each child — filled with a colder weather outfit, plus age-appropriate books, games, other activities, and snacks for the trip home. (This item might be brought down by a friend or spouse later in the process.)

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